I’m day trading with Starlink in a Walmart parking lot near the Adirondack Mountains, upstate New York. Let me tell you something, I used my mobile hotspot to do business last time I was traveling.

I thought to myself, depending on one source on the Internet isn’t great. It’s true that I’m trading $1,400 today. The difference between making $1,400 on the day or zero because I only have three bars of service versus four bars is something I do not want. I have a backup now. It’s amazing how well the backups work. My roof is covered with Starlink. In addition to it, I have a Verizon hotspot. In the present. We’ll compare speed tests. I’ve created a PDF and I’ll link it here.

There are three sections in the PDF. The first section is about the equipment I will need for my traveling trading station. The second section is about the internet, and the third section is about strategy. I use this strategy when trading on a traveling trading station with this type of internet. OK, then. Here is a link for you to check. When you look at the speed test comparison, you’ll see that Starlink is far faster, but it’s always good to have a backup in the event that Starlink doesn’t work. In my campground last night, I was surrounded by trees. Because of this, Starlink didn’t work for me, but I had pretty good service on my cell phone. With just the hotspot, I could at least use the internet, do emails, stream, and watch a few shows.

I came down here at 6:30 this morning to charge the batteries with the solar panels. I thought Starlink would work better in such a large parking space, and it does. The Starlink map, whose information I have in PDF format, is what you’ll need to look at. There is a map there, so you can look at it. It won’t work if I go to a Walmart outside the Starlink service coverage area, so you’ll have to check that. As a result, there is some legwork to be done, but it isn’t as bad as it sounds. Let’s look inside the camper.

On the back of my bike, I have this thing, that thing is fun. Okay. There are a lot of cables in Starlink, so you get a lot of cables. Putting it on the ceiling was all I had to do. There are no drivers, but I might put it near the car. In addition, I have Starlink’s own modem here, so you get a little wireless router here, and the van is covered with a wireless network. He walks here with me. This is the story of our boy. Nevertheless, I said, “I must do some business in the morning.” Hey, I have to pay for this boy’s trip somehow. Currently, I’m doing some business at Walmart’s parking lot, so I thought I’d make this video. Please allow me to put on my glasses. That’s right.

So let’s run a speed test and compare the results. OK, then. Let’s start with the one I’m attached to right now, possibly Starling, as she is the faster of the two. That’s fine. Check speedtest.net and let me know. I am connected to SpaceX Starling’s network. Exactly. Let’s say, “Go.” and see where we’re going. At the moment, we’re at one hundred sixty, one hundred seventy nine megabits per second. Taking drugs. During the time I learned how to trade on DSL back in Vermont, the internet was like seven to eight megabits per second. Despite the internet’s fast speeds, you will not become a more successful trader or make more money, but you will need a certain base level of connectivity to get market data flowing and not lagging behind.

This is more than that. The ping time is only 34 milliseconds. Well, most of the data centers are actually in New Jersey, but anyway, it’s not bad for New York, New York. The speed test is fantastic. As I broadcast this morning on YouTube, Facebook, sending the broadcast out to all members, Warrior Pro all access members, there was no problem. The dream, if you ask me, is being able to do everything from anywhere. Day trading is just one example. Mobile hotspots have made it possible, but Starlink has now made it possible for you to do this from anywhere in the world. The speed of this is amazing. So let me try to connect once again. When I first tried to connect to Verizon, I had trouble. I’m going to refresh this page to see what happens.

It’s official. I’m a Verizon customer now. I am still seeing three bars on my phone. A great server is needed. The process is already taking longer than expected. Hello, and I think I’d like to buy some wine. That’s exactly right. The ping right now is 56 milliseconds. There is no offense in it. It’s eight megabits per second, so we’re going slow. Do you have access to your email? Yes, definitely. Is it a tradeable asset? Yes, and I have done so in the past. Is it possible to stream YouTube on it? A two megabit upload speed, a three megabit upload speed, a four, five, six, a seven megabit upload speed. It’s all right. There are eight of them. It’s not typical for your uploads to exceed your downloads, it’s nine. However, it isn’t too bad. I’ve seen worse, for sure.

I think having a backup is good for me. Here’s the thing, I was wondering if AT&T would be included, since I’ve seen that Verizon coverage isn’t as good in some areas I’ll be traveling to. By the way, this is all integrated into a PDF document. So here’s the pdf on the traveling trading station. If you’re RVing or traveling, whatever you’re doing, we’re going to look at the tools I use to make my traveling trading station. The internet will be discussed first, then tools, and finally strategy. 


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