There may come a time when you need the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer. The criminal justice system has impacted the lives of approximately 30% of Americans. No matter what the circumstances, it may be in your best interest to hire a criminal defense lawyer in order to minimize the consequences of any criminal charges.

When it comes to finding an attorney to protect your legal rights, you have many factors to consider, including time, finances, goals, and what you would like your case to accomplish. The following questions are essential to asking as you look for the right criminal lawyer:

1. How do you rate your response?

Getting in touch with your lawyer is essential before hiring one. Who do you intend to speak with in the office? The office manager and the para legal? Is your attorney’s direct phone number available to you? Calls after hours will they be answered? What if we text each other?

You need to find an attorney whom you feel comfortable being honest with, and who you can get a hold of when necessary. Let your lawyer know what you need from him or her.

2. Would you be able to assist me in achieving my ideal outcome?

The parties can take a look at what is available while stating what their ideal outcome is for the case. The criminal defence attorney may be able to help you with other solutions if he or she cannot achieve your goal.

In addition to showing you the road map to reach your goal, a good criminal defence attorney should also inform you when you cannot reach your goal.

3. What are your charges?

It is likely that you will be disappointed if you hire an attorney based solely on their price tag. The average attorney rate in your area may be competitive, so be sure to do your research.

Inquire whether the lawyer has a flat rate or if they are charged by the hour. As well as asking for a price estimate, find out what the final costs will be. Ensure you have clear communication about whether you will be required to pay a retainer fee, as well as any additional potential expenses involved in your case. The staffs at some law firms do work for clients in addition to their attorneys’ fees.

4. My case will be taken care of by whom?

Ensure that you hire the person who will work on your case. A less experienced attorney may take over your case, which will delay the process even further. Attorneys with greater experience may charge more per hour, but will end your case more quickly.

You should know that your case will be handled by the appropriate person and who will be your primary contact person. Preventing future headaches can save you a lot of time.

Choosing a criminal defense attorney is not something you should take lightly. As you fight for your freedom, an attorney at law will be your representative in the legal process. Make sure you choose the best defense lawyer for your case by using these four questions when choosing one.

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