5. Park Soo Joo

Park Soo Joo is a Korean model who has been making waves in the fashion industry for years. She has walked for major fashion brands such as Chanel, Moschino and Dior and has been featured in numerous fashion magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

Park Soo Joo is known for her androgynous look and her ability to push the boundaries of fashion. She has also been a judge on Asia’s Next Top Model and has worked as a DJ.

Park Soo Joo’s journey from Seoul to the global fashion stage exemplifies her fearlessness and determination to redefine beauty standards. As a Korean model, she has become an emblem of diversity, challenging norms, and inspiring others to embrace their own uniqueness. Park Soo Joo’s presence in the fashion industry continues to push boundaries and ignite conversations about inclusivity and self-expression.

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