You may need health insurance coverage while you are studying abroad if you are an international student. You are likely to need health insurance regardless of whether the visa you are applying for requires it. The majority of colleges and universities require international students to provide proof of adequate health insurance coverage before enrollment. Is health insurance necessary for international students?

There is no national healthcare system

In the Canada, there are very limited government-funded health care options available to international students, which include most of what is not available. Therefore, international students must purchase a health insurance plan. As a result, if you don’t have a health insurance plan in the Canada, you might be stuck paying the bill on your own. You will have to pay much less out of pocket when you have private health insurance coverage.

A reduction in out-of-pocket costs

Since most insurance plans have deductibles, copays, or coinsurance, you will still have to pay out of pocket – but the amount is a small fraction of what you would pay without insurance. An emergency situation can result in expensive costs, especially quickly. In addition, hospitals without insurance charge several thousand dollars per day for a single day of hospitalization. Ambulances and CT scans can cost between $2,000. and $3,000. and an IV injection can cost about $200.

Discounts through Networks

The reason health insurance companies are able to negotiate such large discounts for their patients is that they can charge up to seven times as much to an uninsured patient. When you pay $200-$4,300 for health insurance each month, the majority of the costs are covered, thereby reducing your overall cost.
Therefore, health insurance coverage is a necessity. A serious injury or illness can happen to anyone, regardless of their health. Medical care can be very costly in the United States, so it is vital to purchase student health insurance before you need it.

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